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Wuhu Belle Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Products and services

The pursuit of the enterprise is to pursue industry-leading R & D technology, keep improving manufacturing technology, and create exquisite design and excellent and perfect combination products. As the leader of national independent brand, with excellent quality and service advantages, we have established a marketing network all over the country. Belle sanitary system provides consumers with all-round and meticulous services through the three-dimensional service body of production base, exclusive stores, agents and after-sales service center.

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From product development, production to user experience, Belle runs through it with a sense of responsibility of “comparison”. Try our best to improve every product detail, and strive to make good and practical high-quality products.
As a member of Chinese enterprises, Belle has a responsibility for “Chinese creation” and “Chinese quality”. Belle’s ideal quality is also the common mission of all corporate citizens in the process of China moving towards a better future.


In Belle, every process link from product material selection to manufacturing and production, and everyone who comes into contact with it, regardless of location and division of labor, needs to have a focus on their own job, to find the problems hidden in the production process and seek solutions, to create innovative products leading the times, to perceive and meet every small need of consumers.
Focus comes from the constant pursuit of quality. Belle is also dedicated to the bathroom industry and the dedication of being a quality expert in China’s bathroom industry.

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Thank customers for their trust and support, so as to continuously improve product quality and service in order to return and live up to their trust.
The enterprise and employees are grateful for their hard work, and strive to provide high-quality human resource management and guarantee to repay their hard work. Employees are grateful to the enterprise, take it as a mutual aid home, and repay the enterprise with dedicated work, learning and growth.
Thanks to the society, Belle’s achievements stem from social progress and national development. Therefore, Belle will return to the society as much as possible, undertake the obligations and responsibilities of corporate citizens, and take it as its own responsibility to create material and spiritual values for the society.


Share a high-quality life with consumers, including the dual improvement of material and spirit.
Sharing the cause created hand in hand with dealers is not only performance growth, but also growth, honor and achievement.
Share the dream of common struggle with employees, work together with one heart and one mind, including responsibility, mutual assistance and passion.
Share common resources and natural gifts with the society, coexist with the society with economy, respect and tolerance, and experience the harmonious coexistence of people, enterprises and society.

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